Inviting You to Take Our Next Evolutionary Step Together!

Every day I am uplifted by the realization that the fulfillment of our shared dream of birthing a new world is within our reach. In my heart, I feel us to be partners in the "One Project" - bending the arc of our conscious evolution toward a future equal to our potential.


I am asking for your vital support, which will allow us to accelerate evolution by sharing The New Story of our "birth" as a Universal Humanity; fostering the emergence and fulfillment of ourselves as The New Person, a co-creator; and developing structures that cultivate social synergy, such as the Wheel of Co-Creation, to build toward The New Society -- a co-creative society.

Please support this building momentum now with your donation to the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.

The Foundation is itself undergoing a process of metamorphosis to increase its stability and strength to develop a living legacy of my life. This work includes:

• Scanning and digitizing my 187 volumes of journals - to be offered on the Internet to deepen the New Story, especially among the young.

• Developing new courses, books, and additional educational products to reach and support thousands of students in becoming the New Person.

• Connecting the growing global communion and community of co-creators who are ready to Join Genius! - the New Society.

• Developing multiple Wheels of Co-Creation to foster social synergy in locations throughout the U.S. and the world.

• Most importantly, deepening our own emergence as whole beings through intense spiritual/social communion in the formation of "The Planetary Mission."

I am so grateful to you for who you are and what you are contributing to building a new world. I ask you to please look into your heart to see what contribution you would like to make to the Foundation.

I thank you for your confidence in me, and commit to doing my best on behalf of our common aspiration for a world that works for all.

With love and blessings,